Corporate Calendars

corporate Calendars

Corporate calendars are proven to be one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising and provide a medium for your business promotion.  Our range of advertising calendars ensures your brand is directly in front of your customers all year round. 

Booklet Calendar

Booklet Calendar

Our ever-popular booklet calendars are a versatile hanging calendar that won’t break the bank. 

Great for any office or for use as promotional gifts, they can be easily customized and branded. 

Our Booklet calendars are printed onto 150g silk with 28 pages. 

They have a single hole drilled for hanging and stapled in the middle. 

Booklet calendars can be A4 or A3 

Tent Calendar

Tent Calendar

A cost-effective way to promote your brand, products and services.  Tent calendars are great as giveaways at events or just to send to as a gift to your customers as a thank you. 

Our tent calendars are printed on 350g and creased to DL size 

Wire Bind Calendar

Wire Bind Calendar

Our DL Desk wire bind calendars have a sturdy wire bind to help move between pages smoothly and a handy built-in hanging loop. 

The calendars are easily branded, making them ideal gifts for customers. 

These calendars are DL size, 13 pages single-sided, printed on quality 150g silk. 

Desk Calendar

Desk Calendar

Make sure your brand, products and services are always in the minds of your customers with our handy desk calendars.

Desk calendars are ideal for displaying inspiring quotes and handy hints to help motivate and engage staff, or just to make your colleagues smile each day. 

Our desk calendars are printed on 115g silk paper, are wire bound at the top and contain 13 pages.

Branded Wall Calendar

Wall Planner

A branded wall planner is a great way to visually display important dates.  Whether you use it to keep track of staff holidays and training or to record marketing activity and promotions,  wall planners make a great addition to any office.

Wall planners also make great promotional gifts for customers.  Use your corporate branding and include important information about your products or services to stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds. 

Motivational Wall Planner

Wall Planner

Or why not use the opportunity to engage and motivate staff with our 30 days of feedback calendar? 

This wall planner is designed to help managers engage and motivate their teams by giving feedback and showing your appreciation to your teams.  The planner contains 30 ideas (1 a day) to improve engagement.  And we know that engaged staff are happy staff.  And happy staff makes for happy customers 

Our wall planners can be printed on 150g silk and can be A1 or A0 

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