Order of Service

An Order of Service is an A5 booklet used to inform guest of the forthcoming proceedings. The Order of Service provides an itinerary; the order in which things will take place, the words to hymns and prayers. 

Your Order of Service is a keepsake of your special day and should be carefully thought through before you start to design. Make a list of everything that you want included, if you are having Hymns, make sure you are using the correct version. Check your spelling, be aware that most spell checkers use an American dictionary, set your spelling check to UK. Times, dates and venue location need to be accurate.

There are a number of things that should be included in you Order of Service. Although they are normally handed out at the ceremony, the front cover should let people know what it is they are attending, where it is and the time it is taking place. It may seem superfluous but for those who are keeping it, it will offer a reminder. Use good quality pictures. Your booklet can be spoilt by using fuzzy, low quality images. Make sure your images are bright enough when printed, ask for a sample print before you commit to the full run. A picture taken with a smartphone is not always the best, the phone screen is designed to make images look great but this does not make them ideal for printing. Make sure your phone is set to the highest quality photos it can take.

Your Order of Service should include the running order of events. If you expect your guest to join in, with a song or a prayer let them know the words. If you would like your guests to join you after the ceremony, provide them with the details. Sometimes, especially after a funeral, donations for charity can be collected, again, let your guests know by providing the details of the charity.

Your Order of Service is a booklet and therefore the number of pages you are designing needs to be divisible by 4. We produce most Order of Service as either 4 or 8 pages. Ultimately you can have as many pages as you desire, just remember it must be divisible by 4. Many printers produce their booklet on cheap paper stocks, we produce ours with a high quality 350g silk cover and inner pages are on a high quality 200g silk. This produces a booklet which can be stored and viewed for years. It is nicely weighted in the hand and has a quality feel.  

Funeral Order of Service

Organising a funeral is never going to be easy, it is one of the most stressful periods in your life. Using a team of sympathetic designers, we aim to ease you through the process of producing your order of service, from concept to design, right through to the finished article. Printed onto high quality paper stocks, giving you a heartwarming reminder of your loved one and providing a focal point for the celebration of a life lost. If you are having a religious funeral, check whether you are required to have specific things within your order of service, such as Bible readings and prayers.

The Church of England has information on what is required within an Order of Service.

Order of Service

Wedding Order of Service

Weddings are a celebration of the love two people have for each other. It can be quite overwhelming the number of things that need to be carefully planned to make sure the big day goes without a hitch. The order of service plays a small but important part in the days proceedings. It takes your guest through the ceremony, providing the words to songs and prayers, letting guests know the order of events. 

A well designed and beautifully constructed order of service adds quality to the proceedings and a Momento of the occasion for your guests. Our designers are at hand to help you through the process. If you would prefer to design your own, no problem we can print from your artwork. Just check our FAQ’s or call us for help and advise.

wedding order of service

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