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Most businesses at some point will want to promote themselves, It might be by going out and doing leaflet drops or distributing a flyer with the local paper or an advert in a trade publication. These methods tend to be a bit scatter gun, your target audience might read the paper, they might read your leaflet, but a lot of people are just not interested. Trade publications are better, they are read by people in the industry, those people may already have a need for your services, they may not know that your product can help them. By building brand awareness, informing and helping you can gain increased sales and revenue. You just need to get your message across.

The exhibition stand you need depends on where you are exhibiting, the area available to you and your budget.

If you regularly attend network meetings then a simple pull up banner may work well for you. Simply set it up at the side of the room and all your fellow networkers will be reminded of what you do. Roller banners, Pop up display banners a.k.a pull up banners are compact and easily transportable, they can live in the boot of your car until needed. Pull up and roller banners are a cheap affordable option that, when well designed, provide a focal point to inform and engage your customers.

For something a bit bigger, fabric exhibition display stands offer the next level up. Printed on fabric, they have the advantage of being machine washable, keeping your exhibition display looking pristine. Fabric stands come in sizes up to 2.3 meters x 4.6 meters in a straight stand and up to 2.3 meters x 5 meters in a curved display. Easily big enough to create impact. They have a self assembly tubular frame, with the printed display cover slipped over and zipped up. Its not just the display itself that we can help you with. How about a fabric exhibition counter, a handy fabric covered table to compliment your display stand. If you are planning an outdoor exhibition, then a printed gazebo and deckchair could be the thing for you.

Pop up Stand

Exhibition Display Stands

Exhibition Display

Fabric display stands and banners are quick and easy to assemble, are available in lots of different sizes and are designed to showcase  your products and services. 

Curved stands are available  at sizes up to 2.3 meters tall and 5 meters wide.  If you need something smaller then the pop-up fabric display at 2.3 meters tall by 0.95 meters wide is a useful size for carrying in the boot of a vehicle. Supplied with a carry case it makes this pop up display easily portable.

More fabric products design templates are available.

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